Make sure you have everything you need for your next cycling adventure


We pride ourselves on the number of accessories we have in stock, meaning you can nearly always find what you are looking for in our showroom. Because we most likely hold the largest amount of stock in the area, you can visit our showroom in confidence knowing that it won’t be a wasted visit.  We aren’t like other bike shops who only stock a small number of brands. We select the best products from over 50 different brands, so we can offer the best value for every discipline at every price point. Contact us today if you are looking for a specific accessory.



Stay hydrated on your longer cycling endeavours with our range of hydration packs, Water bottles, and bottle cages. We stock hydration packs from Camelback which have many features, including back protection, tool roll, spare kit or food storage and carry plenty of fluids to keep well hydrated for even the longest rides. Whyte, Camelbak, and SIS provide us with varying sizes of water bottles, many with nice touches such as extra grip sides and easy pour no leak valves. Keeping the bottles within easy reach are bottle cages from Whyte, Giant & Liv, including side pull options, which fit smaller frames better and help make your water bottle easy to grab on the bumpiest of terrain.  


Fixing & Maintaining you bicycle can require a wide range of tools and equipment. For this reason, we stock a range of workshop and trailside tools from Park Tools., Fabric, Topeak and Giant. Along with a full line-up of track pumps, mini pumps, COs and tubeless inflators to help keep your tyres rolling smoothly. Making your tyres tubeless can help reduce the chance of punctures and reduce the chance of your ride being cut short due to a flat, for this reason, we stock Stans tubeless products & kits which includes, sealant, valves, and sealing tapes.


Keep your bike running smoothly and looking good with the best lubricants and cleaning products from brands like Pro Gold, Hope, Fox, Finish Line and GT85. In our showroom you can find specific greases and oils for bearings, suspension, brakes and dropper seatposts. We have bike cleaner, brush sets, drivetrain degreaser and different chain lubes to help keep your wheels turning no matter what the conditions.


We keep a great range of lights from Hope, Giant and Fabric, with a variety of power outputs and fixings to suit every application. From the latest clip on lights from Giant which will either make sure you stay seen on your commute home, or light up the roads during winter evening rides. To some of the brightest LED powdered lights from Hope which turn night into day and illuminate the forest during your late night mountain bike adventures.


Keeping your bicycles safe at home or out during a mid-ride coffee stop, is made a lot easier with a good quality cycle lock. We have a range of locks which include everything from super lightweight mini-cable locks, through mid weight key and combination locks, heavier D-locks, to heavy duty chains & even ground anchors from Kryptonite & Giant. With our wide range, you will easily find everything from the perfect lock for your cafe stop, commuter and every day locks, to tough home security locks that even the deterimined thief will find hard to break through.


Energy and hydration products,  improve your performance by ensuring your body has everything it needs in order to stay hydrated, recover quickly, or give the extra boost of energy needed to get you through the last few kilometres of your ride. We stock a range of energy bars, energy gels and energy drinks, from healthy brands Torq, CLIF and Nuun. All the products we sell use natural ingredients and work hard to ensure they give you the pertect balance of being easy to digest with maximum benefit to your body. They all taste superb in a wide variety of flavours so are easy to eat or drink no matter how tired you feel. Nuun was one of the first to offer an easy mix hydration drink in disolvable tablets, with a perfect blend of minerals and salts to keep cramp away on even the hottest days, they are natural and clean with subtle flavours.


It doesn’t matter how fast or over what terrain you are riding it is vital you stay protected. We stock leading helmet brand which offers budget helmets which offer great protection for great prices, to helmets with the highest certification and MIPs protection system. We have a wide range of colours and styles of helmet from Giro, Bell, Giant, & Endura for nearly every type of riding from Sportive and Road, Leisure and Commuting to mountain bike Trail and Enduro .


We have a brilliant selection of clip-on guards which includes RRP Enduro Guards, Mud-Hugger and Crud to keep your eyes mud free on a wet mountain bike ride.  As well as full length bolt-on mudguards from Giant, Whyte and SKS to keep you and your bike clean on your daily commute, or whilst out on the road for longer weekend jaunts..


Cycling computers can help you follow a route, track and record your rides so you don’t just know how fast and how far you have cycled but they can also point you in the right direction and stick to your intended route. They can be linked to various training apps, so as well as letting you know what altitude you have climbed or descended, you have an accurate weekly record of your rides and can compare times with riding buddies.. We stock a range of cycle computers and GPS from Giant as well as being able to access the latest models from Garmin and other well known brands.


Carrying tools or spares, nutrition, extra clothing, or small consumer items like your phone, wallet and house keys can be awkward without wearing a specific backpack. For this reason, we stock a range of on-bike storage solutions by Giant & Topeak, from small under seat packs and larger saddle bags, to pannier bags and even top tube bags so that you can carry everything you could possibly need on a cycle ride.  We also have a range of pannier racks  from Giant, M-Part and Topeak to spread the load and help mount larger luggage to your road or hybrid bicycle.


Turbo trainers allow you to carry on riding and stay fit even if the weather is lousey outside, or carry out the hardest interval training workouts in the comfort of your home. We stock a selection of Turbo Trainers from Giant which use different technologies such as fluid based or magnetic resistance. The use of different technology allows you to find the right turbo trainer at the right price. Combine any Turbo Trainer, with a suitable cycle computer and then join the millions of people using web based training platforms, to enjoy a range of workouts in different settings at any time of day with other riders from around the world.


We stock a good range of eyewear to help keep your vision 100% when out riding your bicycle. So, if you’re wanting to keep the sun out of your eyes or keep mud/rain/wind from blocking your vision we have a selection of glasses & goggles from Endura, Lazer & Giro which will help keep your vision clear and focused.


If you’re looking for something we haven’t listed here it is more than likely we’ll be able to help you. Please get in touch if you want to discuss you your requirements, need a quote for some work or want to know our current turn around times.