Find the perfect balance between style & performance with our range of clothing


We pride ourselves on the variety of clothing we have in our showroom. This means when you decide to pop in you will nearly always find what you are looking for. Because we most likely hold the largest clothing stock in the area, you can visit our showroom in confidence knowing that it won’t be a wasted visit.  We aren’t like other bike shops who only stock a small number of brands. We select the best clothing from a wide range of brands, so we can offer the best value for every discipline at every price point. Contact us today if you are looking for a specific item of clothing.



We stock base layers from Endura and Madison which use advanced technology in their fabrics to transport perspiration away from the skin and prevent drops in body temperature due to the cooling effect of wind or precipitation. Base Layers are suitable for all weather conditions as they are designed not only to prevent the build-up of perspiration and over heating in warm weather, but also to minimise wind chill and the effects of cold air, to make your cycling adventures alot more enjoyable!


It doesn’t matter if you’re blasting through the forest or the urban jungle, cycling gloves are a must. We stock gloves from brands such as Endura & Madison which not only insulate you from the elements, but they also protect your hands from bramble or scrapes if you come off your bike. Like Gloves cycling sock also use the latest fabric technology to help optimise breathability and insulation to ensure your feet stay dry and at the perfect temperature no matter what the weather. We stock socks from brands like Whyte, Endura, & DeFeet.


From windproof to waterproofs you will be able to find the perfect jacket or gilet in our showroom from brands such as Endura, Pearl Izumi, Madison, & Liv. Having a range of styles, price points, & types in stock means it doesn’t matter if your searching for a jacket that can protect you from the harshest winter conditions or a lightweight gilet that can be easily stowed, ready to keep you warm whilst resting your legs at a Café stop.


We have a selection of Ladies jerseys which cover everything from leisurely rides to longer distance sportives, or mountain bike racing. We put our trust in Liv & Endura because of their use of technical fabrics and performance features to keep you comfortable, cool and stylish.  So, whatever type of cycling you love and whatever elements you ride in we’ll be able to help you find the perfect cycling jersey.


We know that cycling specific shorts, bibshort or tights are essential for a comfortable ride. This is why we stock Liv & Endura Ladies shorts which have features such as gel padding, with intelligent fabric design and stitching placement to avoid the risk of discomfort and chafing letting you concentrate on enjoying your cycling adventure.


We understand that cycling specific shorts, bibshorts or tights are not for everyone, however we consider them essential for a comfortable ride, especially longer durations in the saddle. We stock brands such as Endura, Madison, & Pearl Izumi to allow any cyclist to find the perfect shorts at the right price which will allow for the optimal style and performance when riding the terrain they love.


We have a selection of stylish jerseys which are perfect for everything from casual leisurely rides to high speed road or mtb blasts. We put our trust in brands such as Pearl Izumi, Endura & Madison for their use of technical fabrics and performance features to keep you comfortable, cool and stylish. So, whatever terrain you love riding and whatever elements you’ll be battling we are able to help you find the perfect cycling jersey.


We have many options with style and colour of mens and womens baggy shorts to make sure every rider can find the perfect fit and look to suit the terrain they love riding. So if it’s a casual road or gravel riding baggy short, with or without a gel cushioned liner, a lightweight MTB Baggy with intelligent fabric design and stretch panels to take away the risk of rubbing, or heavy duty reinforced Enduro baggy shorts that will withstand all manner of abuse when out on the trail – we’ll be able to help you find the best style and performance baggies!


Keeping your toes, legs, & arms toasty and dry when it’s freezing outside is made easier with overshoes, leg warmers and arm warmers. We stock a selection of overshoes & warmers from brands such as Endura & Pearl Izumi at good value prices. The better quality overshoes are made with neoprene so they’re harder wearing, and warmer compared to others, which are designed to be only wind proof.

Arm and knee warmers are perfect for early morning chill and easy to stow away when you warm up, or in the evening as things cool down they can keep the chill out of elbow and knee joints..


Shield your legs from the cold, wet or mud by kitting yourself out with a pair of biking trousers or longs from brands such as Endura or Madison. A comfortable pair of wind or waterproof trousers will ensure you are protected from mud and slush, keeping warm while still allowing your skin to breathe and not over-heat. Good quality Bib-longs or thermal tights are perfect for chilly weather rides, on road to protect from spray and wind chill, or underneath Baggy shorts and trousers for extremely wet/cold days on the mountain bike

SPD & Flat Shoes

Your shoes are the key connection between bike and rider. We understand the importance of grip and transferring the maximum pedalling force into forward motion, and control. For this reason, we stock a wide range of shoes from Shimano and Pearl Izumi which offer optimal performance on every ride for every rider. So, not matter if you are looking for the perfect shoe for your mountain bike marathons, hardcore trail rides or for your regular Sunday road ride – we’ll be able to help find the perfect shoes for you!


Traditionally High Visability clothing uses bright colour fabrics and reflective technology to optimise visibility and safety. However, brands such as Madison are paving the way for high vis jackets which offer the very best reflective technology whilst keeping a much more stylish colour and design. They do this through clever pixel pot print fabric which is hardly noticeable in the daytime but lights up like a Christmas tree when car headlights catch it. We don’t just stock high vis jackets, we have a selection of high vis jerseys, gloves, and warmers. So, you will be able to find everything from a more traditional style high vis tabbard to a jacket which uses the latest reflective technology in our showroom, helping you stay safe, visible and stylish.


Searching for a bargain? You will find plenty on our sale rail! We have a wide selection of clothing in all sizes on our sale rail with all the items offering a massive saving off their RRP. Most items are recent styles and colours, so still look stylish, but for alot less than the current new lines. Find jackets, jerseys, shorts and shoes from top quality brands at the lowest prices.. on our sale rail.


If you’re looking for something we haven’t listed here it is more than likely we’ll be able to help you. Please get in touch if you want to discuss you your requirements, need a quote for some work or want to know our current turn around times.